Planning To Get Some Birds? These Indoor Bird Cages Will Be Perfect for You!

By Lea July 12, 2022 in Pets

Finding the perfect indoor bird cage requires an assessment of price range, bird species, and the overall indoor aesthetic. To help you make the right decision for your feathery friends, we present a curated list of the best indoor bird cages. These range from affordable to premium designs. While some of these blend into the background, others are centerpiece-worthy pieces. Check them out!

Franconia 79” Iron Pointed Top Flight Cage with Wheels
If you are in the market to invest in a high-quality abode for your birds, look no further than the Franconia Pointed Top. Amongst the many great features, one is the impeccable design. You can place it almost anywhere without worrying about aesthetics. It is spacious, thanks to the hexagonal structure. The airy design, multiple wooden perches, and feeders attached to the double-doored birdhouse will be a welcome house design for your birds. This birdhouse can host birds ranging from small Budgies to larger African Grey Parrots. Our favorite feature is the addition of wheels to ease movement for the house.

Amneh 64” Iron Flat Top Floor Bird Cage with Wheels
This rose-gold Amneh edition of the renowned Tucker Murphy Pet series is the right choice for medium to smaller species of birds that would enjoy a spacious home. The minimalist yet classy design is equipped with bird feeders and an open-top design to allow you easy access to clean the cage easily.

Lobardy 39” Steel Pointed Top Floor Bird Cage with Perch
Available in multiple colors, with a design to give an airy effect to any living space, this Lobardy Pointed Top is a whimsical creation. It has long wooden perches and ladders for your birds to enjoy. This multi-story bird cage is the perfect choice for owners with many birds they want to house conveniently.

Knox 23” Steel Pointed Top Hanging Bird Cage with Perch
The Knox is the perfect beginner birdhouse for new pet bird owners as it requires no assembly. The sturdy welded design allows ample room for perches and easy-to-slide feeding cups. The condo-like build of the bird cage is a customer favorite across all platforms that sell this design.

That wraps our list of the best bird cages on the market. We hope you like the list and find something worth investing in. Leave your suggestions in the comments. Happy shopping!