Carry Your Laptops with Ease with These Phenomenal Laptop Bags In 2022

By Lea September 22, 2022 in Tech

Laptops have become a necessity in the modern job world. From giving presentations in a meeting room to working on heavy-duty graphics, laptops can do it all today. But being portable does not mean that they are easy to lug around with you everywhere. Plus, you have to carry around other stuff too, so it all boils down to laptop bags.

Contrary to the name, many modern laptop bags can carry much more than just your laptop. And to make your life much easier, we list the best laptop bags you can buy today!

Best Laptop Bags to Buy in 2022

Cole Haan All Day Black Attaché
If you are looking for the best laptop bags, you must check out this fantastic bag from Cole Haan. Cole Haan is synonymous with class and style, and this black laptop bag perfectly embodies it. This is perfect for commutes and travel, made from fine twill and recycled leather detailing. It has an amazingly spacious interior that you will be more than happy with for the price!

Swissgear 1900 Black Series ScanSmart Laptop Backpack
This made its place on the list because it is a TSA-friendly backpack that can easily slide under the seat of your airplane. It has a large compartment to easily fit a 13 to 14-inch laptop. Swissgear’s rugged quality is also excellent for organizing your personal carry items.

Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack
This bag is the pinnacle of cheap and chic with quality materials and a well-thought-out design. The bag’s main compartment is spacious, with a dedicated fleece-lined slot for your laptop. It is versatile in its design, with several storage compartments that you can use for different devices. You can get this backpack in a variety of 44 different colors.

TimBuk 2 Spire Laptop Backpack
Laptops are precious for many reasons; two major ones are that they have your essential data and are expensive. So, you avoid taking such a precious piece of equipment in harsh weather conditions like rain and snow. The TimBuk 2 Spire is a canvas bag with a waterproof roll top that will prevent any liquids from entering the bag. The laptop compartment can easily store a 15.6-inch laptop.

Solo Duane Laptop Briefcase to Backpack
The Solo Duane may look like a standard briefcase bag in the pictures, but once you turn it around, you see it is more than that. You can easily convert it to a backpack when your arms get tired of carrying it. You can flip it back into a messenger bag as soon as you are in a more formal setting. You can clip your laptop in a padded compartment in the bag, while organizing your items in the many pockets the bag has.

Today, there are countless types of laptops, from notebooks to giant gaming beasts. We hope you found the perfect bag for you in the list above. Tell us which one you like and why in the comments below!