What’s the Best Family Pet for Allergic People? Read On!

By August 2, 2021 in Pets

Sometimes animals can be such loyal friends that humans do not seem worth interacting with anymore. Every pet has its own qualities; cats are known to be majestic and friendly, while dogs and horses are known for their loyalty. Coming home to a loving pet that curls up next to you and is excited to see you is lovely. Plus, recurring one from a shelter such as Best Friends is a noble act that would make you feel better as a person.

But unfortunately, some of us are allergic to pets which is a harsh blow. But there is always a way around it. If you want to adopt a pet despite your allergies, here are a few pets that would not make your allergies act up.

Hypo-Allergenic Dogs
While there is no breed of dogs that is completely free of allergens, there are relatively less allergenic breeds compared to others. The Kerry blue terrier and the Poodle are examples of dogs that rarely cause an allergic reaction.

Low-Allergy Cats
While cats are known as the most notorious culprits for triggering allergic reactions, not all cat breeds produce a high amount of allergy-causing dander. Breeds such as the Cornish and Devon Rex, Sphynx and Balinese are examples of cats that are good as low-allergy feline friends.

Fish are not exactly huggable pets that can give you the feeling of a parent. But if you are trying to teach your children responsibility, fish can be a great way to do that, in an allergy-free way. Fish can be a beautiful addition to an allergy-free home.

Caged Furry Friends
Hamsters and Guinea Pigs are examples of pets that do not roam around the house freely. They are usually kept in cages and boxes that reduce the spread of allergy-causing dander. However, if you have extreme allergic reactions, you still want to avoid these!

Most people that have allergy trouble with dogs and cats do very fine with a bird. Some species have a high amount of dander, such as the Cockatoo, Cockatiel and African Grey. Still, if they are bathed regularly, and you have an excellent air-purifier, you should be good!

Pet-induced allergies can be tough to detect, especially if they develop over time. Are you planning to adopt a pet from the ones mentioned above? Please tell us in the comments below.