The Best Budgeting Apps and Why You Should Use One

By April 14, 2021 in Finance

Let’s admit that we all want to save money and make better budgets and financial plans. The good news is that the tech world has brought a number of solutions to make budgeting easy and efficient. There is a wide range of reliable tools and apps available on the Play Store that can make budgeting tasks completely hassle-free.

That means whether you are looking for a tool with saving services or something that informs you before your bank account runs dry, then this article is for you as it includes apps that can do a variety of things for you.

If you are a newbie in the tech world and have limited knowledge of budgeting apps, we have you covered here. But before we plunge into the discussion which budgeting app will suit your needs, let’s understand why having one is beneficial for you.

Here are some key reasons why a budgeting app needs to be on your phone:

  • Real-time Information: Making budgets only on specific days of the month is now outdated. With your mobile apps, you can make budget anywhere, anytime you want. That means budget apps can streamline the budget making process by working in real time. All you need is to update your finances, bills and pay stabs, and the job is done within a few minutes.
  • No Risk Of Late Payments: Forgetting the due dates on your bills is common. You brain doesn’t have a calendar to keep track of payments. Here budget apps do the remembering for all your bills and eliminate the risk of late payments.
  • Automatic Calculations: There is no need to use calculators and machines when you have a budgeting app on your phone. Just enter your cash purchases and have all your transactions calculated automatically and accurately without any errors.

Best Budget Apps


The best- known budget app has all anyone will want to have in a budgeting tool. Mint offers features like money tracking and money management from your bank lists, lenders, brokerages, credit card issuers and financial institution. Plus, this budget app categorizes all transactions automatically linked with debit or credit cards.

Pocket Guard

As the name implies, the app is great at protecting you against extravagance. It is linked to financial accounts and is excellent to track your spent money and to compare it to your monthly budget. Pocket guard is easy to set up and is connected to your accounts for tracking monthly income, expenses, savings and bills.


One of the popular apps YNAB has a unique approach as it helps you build your financial plan based on your income. From debt payments and savings to living expenses and investments, it leaves no dollar go uncounted. The app is considered ideal for couples and people living and working independently.


Wally is another good choice you can opt for. Like other budget apps it tracks your funds, income, savings and expenses. It provides a snapshot of the remaining funds so that you don’t overspend.


Invest your spare change with Acorns, for a fee of $1, $2 or $3 a month, you can save for an early retirement! Named the “Best app of the day” by apple. The offer a free $5 for signing up. Sign up here

Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned budget apps make a smart choice and can help you manage your budget efficiently.