The Best Browser for Internet Surfing- Spoiler: It’s Not Chrome!

By Lea August 4, 2021 in Electronics

When anyone mentions a web browser, the first one that comes to mind is Google chrome. Chances are that you are reading this very article on Chrome too! Even though everyone’s go-to browser is Google Chrome, and understandably so, it is undoubtedly a decent browser. Still, it is far from the best browser you can have. From security on the internet to smoothness of browsing and ram consumption, there are several factors that you can take into account for the performance of a browser. Considering all of those, Chrome is, at best, an average browser. Here are some alternative browsers and what they are good at:

Mozilla Firefox – Best Overall
Mozilla Firefox has always been the leader in browsers for phones, tablets and computers. It has impressive privacy features and can even alert you if your e-mail has been included in a data breach to protect you from scams. It has cross-platform synchronization and is impressively easy to mold according to your use.

Opera – Best For Video Streaming
Opera has some fantastic features when it comes to video playback. You can have a video in a pop-out that allows you to keep it anywhere on the desktop while working on something else. Also, the phone version will enable you to compress videos to reduce buffering!

Opera GX – Best For Gaming
Seeing Opera twice in this list is not a coincidence. They are paying attention to their browser game! Opera went a step ahead by making a browser specifically for gamers. It has an in-built CPU, RAM and Network limiters, so running the browser in the background does not mess with your gaming. Also, it has sidebar integration for twitch and discord. It is heaven for gamers.

Microsoft Edge – Speediest Browsing
You must be thinking there is something wrong here; we did too. After the painful failure of Internet Explorer, Microsoft had to redeem themselves, and they indeed did with the Microsoft Edge. It is very, very fast! You have very transparent privacy tools with this browser, and you can save sites as apps on your desktop! The only drawback is you are your Windows really wants it to be your default, and it deserves to be too!

You would be amazed when you start using specific browsers for specific tasks. Some of these are way lighter than Chrome on your computer. You would feel the difference in your computer’s performance significantly. Did any of these browsers intrigue you? Or will you still be using Chrome? Tell us in the comments below!