Target partners with CVS to make COVID-19 vaccines more accessible

By April 19, 2021 in Home

A healthy partnership between Target and CVS Pharmacy started back in 2015. Target CEO Brian Cornell agreed to build CVS inside 5 to 10 Target Express Stores. The affiliation grew stronger and remained steady, and now there are more than 1000 CVS stores inside Target! 

Until now, Target, in association with CVS pharmacy, provided vaccinations for flu, pneumonia, and shingles every year. But now, to serve the community, this partnership has been upgraded. Now the COVID-19 vaccination will  be available at the Target stores!

Target Pharmacy in 17 states

The COVID-19 vaccination is available at 600+ Target pharmacies in 17 states. It is for all; employees, team members, guests, and customers. Target has specialized rooms available for CVS personnel  to carry out vaccination procedures. Recently, in an interview, Target’s CEO showed admiration towards the CVS franchise. Having an expert partner for healthcare drives great traffic to their stores and customers return with total satisfaction. Their work with CVS has always been positive and brings exciting opportunities.

Appointment and Target Pharmacy hours

CVS provides enough health professionals and medical supplies to Target to vaccinate their employees, team members, and customers. You can check your eligibility through  and can also find the nearest Target stores with a CVS. The Target Pharmacy hours are 8 am – 9 pm every day except weekends. Remember, though- the hours may vary.

Incentives to Employees

Target is encouraging its employees to get the vaccination dose by providing incentive. They are offering up to four hours of pay ( two for each vaccine) to their hourly team members when they get the vaccines. Another benefit for U.S employees is, they will get free Lyft rides- up to 15$ on their Target run to get the vaccination.

Target leading the game

The partnership between Target and CVS Health has proved to be one of the best decisions in community service. Their vision is appreciable, to say the least! Do you think Target is an ethically sound, praiseworthy company? Let us know in the comments below!