easy and fast
alfredo zuniga
30 Apr, 2021
I was told I could get this phone for $13 a month and at checkout the price jumped to $38. What other surprises will I receive in the future?
William Quam
23 Mar, 2021
Their merchandising. They need to stick to phones not trying to offer prizes and JBL merchandise that you can buy cheaper yourself
Eric maier
12 Mar, 2021
site crashed on me 3 times
David A. Jasny
12 Mar, 2021
Excellent coverage...
Richard J Jones
09 Mar, 2021
k s
08 Mar, 2021
Bait and switch company on family plan price. Got us to switch from 20 years with ATT and did not honor sign up monthly plan price. Incompetent customer service, difficult to get a hold of and passed around like "hot potatoes" for months now. Lawsuit coming.
05 Mar, 2021
Fairly good
Vija McDill
17 Jan, 2021
I went on to check out the BOGO Apple iPhone 12 Pro deal, added two iPhone 12's with new customer lines, and the website wanted to charge me full price for both phones; there was no BOGO offer seen. BOGO? More like BOGUS.
15 Jan, 2021
the price seems high
15 Jan, 2021
fake add online prom run
15 Jan, 2021
Flexibility of payments, excellent services, extra value in TV offers included.
Deana Guardado
15 Jan, 2021
good deal for cyber monday but system crashing
Jeffrey Craig
01 Dec, 2020
I think that after several years with Verizon, they could offer us the same deals as new customers. You take us for granted.
Kevin Wilkins
29 Nov, 2020
I have spent over $300 per month on my plan and really feel that I am overpaying for what I am receiving. I have yet to see a service rep in Bismarck, ND that can do anything, but try and sell you a new phone at full retail price. (same with this ad) Now with COVID-19 it is even worse with ZERO service and being passed on at the curb with an 1-800 # to go and order a phone + figure out how to transfer data from a phone that already is "toast". Think I will be shopping for another carrier.
Dennis Huber
27 Nov, 2020

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