I was going to purchase until this stupid survey BLOCKED me from completing my purchase. Hope your dumbest survey ID more profitable than an actual SALE
16 Jan, 2023
Took off promo code at checkout, what a ripoff
Theresa Dinger
12 May, 2021
I always enjoy shopping with Proozy always a great deal
D Beck
08 May, 2021
Variety of products at good prices.
Jim MacKenzie
07 May, 2021
It's always more pleasant when not assaulted by pop up ads. Hold off on that, please!
Rikc Holt
01 May, 2021
Great offer on Under Armour Polo shirts but they were all sold out. Waste of time
30 Apr, 2021
I like the ability to get quality items for a great price.
30 Apr, 2021
You show the option of 2XL Reebok Men's 4pk performance boxers and higher price for them $19.99 instead of $12.99. I was ok with the higher price. But, just like everywhere else I shop, they are always out of stock. If I was in business, I would stock more of the higher priced items, due to a higher profit margin. I always see the smaller sizes on clearance or discounted because of overstocked on the smaller sizes. I would stock up on the sizes that sale out.
30 Apr, 2021
After I enter my C/C info they told me sold out BS
Mendy Yadger
30 Apr, 2021
Actual deal.
Gerald R Kelly
30 Apr, 2021
great deal, easy checkout
30 Apr, 2021
The shopping experience is good'' the shipping cost, I don't care for..''
Susan Maldonado
26 Apr, 2021
Checking out was not a smooth process.
Donnie Waltermire
25 Apr, 2021
Nothing available in larger sizes. Everything with a coupon is sold out. I'm spamming you.
Paul Berman
24 Apr, 2021
You are advertising a product that is not availablle
23 Apr, 2021

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