13 Mar, 2023
11 Mar, 2023
Louise A Kulp
11 Mar, 2023
You sent us an email @ [email protected], BUT when trying to register, your system would NOT allow this email.
Marshall Camp
08 Mar, 2023
15 Jan, 2023
Love price and quality.
22 Apr, 2021
Excellent pricing. Good product selection. Recommended your site to other associates.
Will E.
21 Apr, 2021
The value is outstanding for the price and quality
Freddie Dunlap
21 Apr, 2021
Out of stock
Michael Wasilewski
17 Apr, 2021
The ordering process was easy and the photos of the product were good.
16 Apr, 2021
I love the one I ordered. They are certainly well done. They are also very delicate. I wished they were battered framed. Once they are touched or bent there is no going back to fix it. They call you to touch them so I suggest you buy a piece of glass of your choice so the temptation of feeling them will not hurt your picture. I just love mine.
Vincent Johnson
02 Apr, 2021
I wanted to order a house number sign but it gives a choice of 3 colors but doesn’t tell you what color each of the 3 selections are. I want to pick the right one but I can’t tell which color I desire to select.
Brodie Rich
30 Mar, 2021
Can't bloody tell "which is which" on the offered metal signage types...
Terry Combs
11 Mar, 2021
just fine..
harvey birr
11 Mar, 2021
tried to put order through 3 times with 3 different cards, all with plenty of money on them, wouldn't go through
rick papp
04 Mar, 2021

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