I enjoy going to the Home Depot to get the things I need.
cindy pulice
10 May, 2021
this was Brad's deal but only available at select stores I did not want to go out of the way to get it.
08 May, 2021
Tried to order 55’ desalt laser distance. Changed to local store and it said 15 available. Put one in the cart and said error not enough inventory????
08 May, 2021
The only thing I don't like with ordering on-line with HD is that there is no ability to use my military discount.
Gerald Kelting
05 May, 2021
Home Depot has excellent deals on a variety of products.
Deana Guardado
04 May, 2021
Shark Vac advertized for 129 on deal news but 199 on your website
stuart caplan
04 May, 2021
ordering was fast and easy
Lucy serwetz
03 May, 2021
Wide variety of choices. Not always known to the public. I didn’t know I could purchase furniture from you.
01 May, 2021
Could not place order.
Robert J Sagan
01 May, 2021
Very easy to order, prompt delivery and good quality
Kris Rhoads
25 Apr, 2021
I have always preferred Home Depot, at one time I had a credit card and due to inactivity was closed. Wish I had that card now, it would certainly help me.
Martha Shelley
20 Apr, 2021
Location and variety.
Vickie Fairchild
19 Apr, 2021
Joyce Olson
16 Apr, 2021
The online check out was fast and smooth.
Melanie OBrien
14 Apr, 2021
The website kept deleting two of my items. Worthless website! I'll never come back again!
Michael F. Wagner
13 Apr, 2021