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Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

$39.95 + Shipping adds $8.95.

This electronic bookmark contains definitions of over 40,000 words from the Collins Pocket Webster Dictionary. Price drops from $39.95 to $29.95. Shipping adds $8.95.

Indoor Putting Pool Table

$129.95 + Shipping adds $17.95.

This putting pool table is set up with green felt and six pockets mimicking, and players use clubs instead of pool cues to sink shots. Price drops from $129.95 to $99.95. Shipping adds $17.95.

The Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Course

$199.95 + Shipping adds $23.95

This mini golf course comes with two putters, two LED-lit balls, and a storage bag. It is made from 7 1/2' by 6' wrinkle-resistant green felt mats with raised borders. Price drops from $199.95 to $149.95. Shipping adds $23.95

Bluetooth CD Playing Jukebox

$179.95 + Free shipping.

This jukebox plays single CDs and AM/FM radio from two 5-watt speakers built into the unit. Price drops from $179.95 to $129.95 w/ free shipping.

The Fall Detecting Complete Security Camera

$199.95 + Free shipping

This camera works with a home’s Wi-Fi and smartphone app to communicate specific alerts for falls, intruders, broken windows, smoke alarms, and baby cries. Price drops from $199.95 to $119.95 w/ free shipping.

Kid's Interactive Microscope

This interactive microscope features eight double-sided smart slides showing more than 220 live-action educational BBC videos and images on 15 topics including leaves and flowers, flying insects, and more on the 2.4" viewing screen. Price drops from $149.95 to $99.95. Shipping adds $17.95.

Hot Wheels Slot Car Set

This set details 42 1/2 linear feet of track that provides two extended inverted loops. Features 3-D, 90-degree vertical track design that slot can run upside down on, looping track, and turbo speed. It requires four AAA and six AA batteries. Ages 5 and up. Price drops from $129.95 to $99.95. Shipping adds $17.95.

The Emotional State Biofeedback Wearable

$99.95 + Free shipping over $75.

With this biofeedback device, you can monitor your focus, stress, and productivity. The clip-on device tracks the ebb and flow of your abdomen as you breathe, learning your unique breathing pattern and monitoring its changes as you experience different emotions. Price drops from $99.95 to $59.95. Free shipping over $75.

Wearable Travel Air Purifier

$99.95 + Free shipping

This wearable air purifier removes germs and impurities from your personal space. The price is reduced from $99.95 to $59.95 w/ free shipping.



Wireless Charging Weather Station

$79.95 + Free shipping

This weather station has a built-in wireless charging pad and an alarm with a snooze function. The display indicates the outdoor temperature between -40°F and 158°F, humidity percentage, forecasts for the next 12-24 hours, and 14 icons that indicate general weather. Price drops from $79.95 to just $59.95 w/ free shipping.

The Children's Voice Changing Karaoke

$79.95 + Free shipping

This Karaoke Machine comes with voice-changing effects, eight pre-loaded songs, and a recording function. Includes four AA batteries. Price drops from $79.95 to just $59.95. Shipping is free.

Children's Inflatable Bed

$49.95 + Shipping adds $12.95.

This inflatable bed has a locked inner mattress that creates a soft sleeping surface and can be removed for easy cleaning. It is made from heavy gauge PVC and includes an electric air pump. Available in various colors. Listed at $49.95, now marked down to just $39.95. Shipping adds $12.95.

Wireless Charging Instant Photo Archiver

$79.95 + Free shipping over $75+.

This is archiver simultaneously stores up to 64 GB of images, videos, and contacts, enabling you to free up additional storage on your smartphone. Price drops from $79.95 to $49.95.  Free shipping over $75+.

LED Road Emergency Signal

$79.95 + Shipping adds $8.95

This signal alerts approaching drivers to your vehicle’s presence. Its flexible rotating arm with 22 red LEDs creates a bright, 2-ft. diameter emergency signal in one of three messages “Help”, “S.O.S”. or emergency triangle. Price drops from $79.95 to just $19.95. Shipping adds $8.95.


By Carly in Kids

The Glow In The Dark Rapid Fire Blaster

$79.95 + Shipping adds $8.95

This fire blaster includes 20 darts that glow in the dark for target practice in a darkened room or nighttime reconnaissance missions. Price drops from $79.95 to just $19.95. Shipping adds $8.95.

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