Stay Hydrated This Summer! Get These High-Quality Juicers Before Stocks Run Out

By June 3, 2021 in Kids, Men, Women

Are you feeling the summer heat yet? Or are you planning to get started with a workout routine in the vacation season? In both cases, you are going to need to reconsider your take on freshly made fruit juices. The heat becomes unbearable sometimes in the summer, and there are not many things that can help you cool down, like a chilled glass of fresh juice.

The same goes for workouts, you need to keep your fluids and electrolytes up to make the most out of your training. What you need is fresh juice and what better way to get it than to make it yourself? Here are a few fantastic juicers that would be remarkable companions for you in the summer season.

NutriBullet Juicer Pro
If you are trying to juice for the first time, you cannot get a better juicer than the NutriBullet. It comes with all the accessories you may need for fresh fruit juice. It has a freezer tray, a pitcher that separates the froth and two glass bottles that you can take with you. It also comes with a recipe manual to help you make the most fantastic juices at home!

This juicer is terrific if you want to make personal-sized juices without creating much of a mess in the kitchen. It is small enough to fit in a cupboard and comes in attractive colors. Slow juicers are known for longer juicing times and low pressure. Still, even though the HUROM HP is considered a slow juicer, it delivers very quickly.

Slow juicers have an inherent problem. Even the HUROM HP does. These juicers require you to cut the fruit into small chunks before you can put them into the chute for juicing. The KUVINGS EVO820 is built to tackle that problem. Even though you still need to cut the fruit to remove the seeds, you can send in much bigger chunks and save time!

If you are not planning to make juice that often or in large quantities or do not have the room to store a juicer, you might need to consider a BREVILLE JUICE FOUNTAIN. This is a small and well-built juicer with easy assembly. There is just one on-off button and a single motor. It has a large chute to put in chunks of fruit and saves prep time.

How do you like our suggestions on juicers? Are they as good as you expected them to be? What are your views on fresh juice? Are you a big fan or not? Feel free to share all you want with us in the comments below!