Smart Home Products That Will Make Your House Efficient

By Lea December 12, 2022 in Home, Tech

Smart homes have taken the market by storm for all the right reasons! Not only do they make managing a home much easier, but they make your home efficient in several ways. You will find that your home is more comfortable to live in, and you are simultaneously saving money!

So without further ado, here are some fantastic smart home products that will maximize the efficiency of your home!

Smart Water Leak Detectors
When a leak develops somewhere in your home, it can quickly lead to tremendous damage to precious belongings and electronics. Water damage can make you spend a lot on repairs and wonder how much you could have saved only if you knew about the leak in time. To prevent yourself from being in that situation in the future, invest in a Kangaroo Water + Climate Sensor! You can avoid so much loss through this handy device!

Smart Light Bulbs
Smart light bulbs are one of the greatest boons brought to us by smart home technology. You can set the exact times for them to turn on, their brightness, and some can be programmed to turn on automatically when you head home! A set of Wyze Smart Bulbs will save you a lot of trouble if you forget to turn them off. You can do it from anywhere through the app!

Smart Plugs
Would it not be so convenient if you could control your traditional appliances through an application? Just as you can control your smart bulbs remotely, you can invest in smart plugs that will switch off remotely! The Wyze Plug can be controlled from anywhere, and you can pre-set times for them to turn on and off! They even tell you the energy consumption of your devices so you can control your consumption better.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers
Bet you never knew this was a thing! This may seem like something useless at first glance. But ask yourself, how many times you forgot to turn your sprinklers off or on, and how many times has it rained just after you irrigated your plants? The Wyze Sprinker can solve all these problems. They irrigate your garden at the perfect time and can also see the weather forecast to know exactly when not to!

Smart Garage Door Controllers
Opening a garage door and efficiency, how do you link those? Anyone who has experienced a loss of heating or cooling due to a wide-open garage door will have a lot to say! Garage door controllers have become more innovative; they give you complete remote access to the garage doors and add security to your home as they notify you when the door is opening or closing. If you want a cheap and effective option, check out the Chamberlain MyQ!

While it seems like Wyze dominates the market regarding the best-valued smart home devices, there are countless options. Tell us in the comments below which of the products appealed to you?