Ride Safely with 5 Protective Motorbike Essentials

By Lea July 25, 2022 in Men

If you have ever rode a motorbike, you know that they feel exciting and empowering. The freedom you feel when you ride at thrilling speeds as the air strikes your body is something else! But at the same time, you cannot deny that bikes are inherently dangerous too. Biking accidents are scary and painful. If you ride a bike, you should consider investing in the essential safety equipment for a bike to ensure that you are safe.

5 Essential Bike Gear Items You Need

While it may be annoying to see this on the list after the countless road signs about their importance, many riders still ignore it! Therefore, for the greater good, here it is. Wearing a helmet reduces your chances of having an injury to the brain even if the crash is not fatal, so it is always a good idea to wear one. This Adult Frenzy Off-Road Helmet should be just fine!

Leather Jacket
You may wonder why so many bikers wear leather jackets—fun fact: it is not just for style. While a leather jacket may seem more of a fashion choice for bikers, it also serves as protective gear. A good leather or even faux leather jacket protects against the weather, bruises and cuts. We like this Michael Kors Faux Leather Hipster Jacket; check it out!

Your feet are unprotected when riding a bike, and it is possible to hit a sidewalk or another vehicle while turning. It is best to avoid open shoes on a bike and invest in some top-of-the-line Men’s Hagerman Boots by Harley Davidson. They are easy to wear and made specifically for bikers. The premium quality full-grain leather is sure to last you many years!

Unlike your car, you are not protected from the harsh surroundings on your bike. Other than the weather, one thing becomes very hard to bear; sound. The high-pitched sounds of the wind can become unbearable at high speeds. So, a set of Reusable Travel Ear Plugs should go a long way in the name of ear safety.

Biker Glasses
Another factor becomes increasingly more apparent when riding in the open air. That is wind. The wind blows directly at you, and you can feel it all over your body, especially the eyes. Riding a bike without anything to cover your eyes can be incredibly uncomfortable. After a few minutes, your eyes will be sore from all the dryness and debris. A pair of motorcycle safety glasses will be a great help to you. Get these Two-Set of Motorcycle Glasses by Global Vision. It has one for the night and another shaded pair for the day!

Do not let the fear of getting hurt prevent you from riding a bike. You can enjoy the freedom of two wheels with proper safety gear. Do you think we listed all the essential equipment above? Tell us if we missed anything in the comments below!