Reduce The Clutter on Your Desk with These New Desk Organizers

By Lea May 25, 2022 in Home, Work

A presentable desk not only functions in making things seem organized, but it also allows us to worry less about the clutter and more about getting things done! If you feel confused about how to go about desk organization tools, we got you! Here is our rundown on the best desk organizers, ranging from small and discrete supply holders to movable drawers and hanging arrangements!

Drawer organizers
If you believe in the “out of sight, out of mind” motto, this is the perfect solution to your problems! Tuck away all of your unwanted files, pens, and miscellaneous in neat compartments inside your desk drawer.
Depending on the material you find easiest to use, there is a range available across the internet and your closest craft store. From mesh organizers with built-in compartments to sleek metal ones sold in sets ranging from $6.33 to $17.95-the world is your oyster!

Supplies Caddy/Tool holders
If you believe in traditional desk organizers, the compartment kind, we have you covered! Check out supplies caddies and tool holders, where you can also store your favorite stationery and files. They are available in cloth-covered and wooden varieties, depending on your budget and aesthetic.

Acrylic drawers
Scrolling through social media and feeling like spicing up your old desk organizers? Acrylic drawers are your best friend. They double as a minimalist paradise while also functioning as a see-through organizer. With all of your stationery and files in front of you, decluttering has never been more enjoyable! The best part is they’re easy on the wallet too.

Filing Cabinet
Although this marks the beginning of our pricier suggestions for desk organizers, filing cabinets are an excellent investment for your home office or cubicle. It allows you to stow away paperwork without crowding your desk! We recommend checking out filing cabinets with wheels to ensure mobility and ease of access.

Floating shelves
If your desk is smaller than you would like have no fear, use the wall! This recommendation is excellent for home offices where you have the liberty to alter the wall behind your desk as you please. Usually starting at $30, floating shelves come in various designs and materials, so you can choose the right one to fit your aesthetic!

Rolling carts
If you are not keen on nails in the wall, your best bet is rolling carts! Cubicle and home office-friendly rolling carts are your one-stop shop for keeping the organization game strong. Whether you look up a utility cart or a rolling cart, you will come across lovely storage carts to keep the clutter away from your desk!

Hope this list has you itching to organize! If you have more suggestions for desk organizers, let us know in the comments below. Happy organizing!