Plants That Will Give Your Work Desk a Refreshing and Unique Vibe

By Lea July 25, 2022 in Work

The past few years have shown people the importance of having a comfortable work desk. As working from home is becoming increasingly popular, innovations are coming to workspaces, such as making them refreshing, exciting, and efficient. Part of what drives up your efficiency is a bright and appealing environment, and a desk plant does wonders in that regard.

Desk plants need minimal care but give most if not all of the benefits you would get from any other indoor plant. Below are some great options for desk plants that you should look into.

5 Attractive Desk Plants for Your Work Desk

Devils Ivy
The plant is nothing like its rather unsettling name. It is effortless to care for and has heart-shaped leaves with white splotches. It adapts amazingly to low-light conditions like an office, making it one of the best options for your work desk. You can get a Green Devils Ivy sold by Costa Farms for very cheap!

Chinese Evergreens
Chinese Evergreens get their name from the deep-green color of their leaves. Some of them also show traces of red or silver in their leaves. This plant is trendy in Chinese culture as it symbolizes long life. This Chinese Evergreen in a 4-inch pot is perfect if you want a vibrant color plant.

Ficus Benjamina
This one is more commonly known as the Weeping Fig. Even if you have more than one plant on your desk, the attractive look of this plant will stand out, no doubt! This plant grows in the tropical forests of India and Southeast Asia. This 2-3ft Benjamina Plant should be perfect for your office.

These plants look great on reception desks and would certainly look the part on a work desk too. While they are known to be a bit high-maintenance while they are blooming, once they do, the occasional watering should be enough for them to thrive. Its vibrant colors and beautiful blooms will be a refreshing addition to office space. Get a Small Red Bromeliad for yourself from Dahing Plants!

Philodendrons have mainly been houseplants since they were discovered in the 1800s. Many of these plants are hybrids with large and deeply colored green leaves. The leaves have a glossy appearance and can even thrive in the shade. These plants need low humidity and a cool temperature. Buy this Indoor Green Philodendron and enjoy outdoor vibes from inside.

A desk plant not only looks refreshing and fun but also improves the air quality around your desk. You can get pretty little planters for them too. Which of the plants above do you like the best? Tell us in the comments below!