Movies on a Budget: Where to Find Your Film Fix

By May 10, 2021 in Coupons

Are you tired of sitting around all day with nothing to do? Or maybe work has been crazy and you need to relax. Everyone deserves a refreshing break from their daily routine once in a while. Movie watching is amongst the best ways to chill in our society.

For some people movie watching is a hobby, they discuss plots and storylines and how something could have gone differently. Having access to great movies, be it in the form of tickets or having them at home, is necessary. Movies can cost a lot, and people can shy away because of that factor. So if you’re wondering how to save money on films, here are a few ways to do that!

  1. Loyalty Programs
    Movie theatres offer great loyalty programs to their frequent customers. Benefits such as discounted tickets and even free movies are expected. All you need to do is make a quick calculation to assess the number of movies you need to watch to make the most out of their programs. An excellent example of this is the AMC Stubs premiere. They give discounted tickets on Tuesdays and free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks!

  2. Check out Costco
    Most of us don’t have the faintest clue that Costco even sells movie tickets. Costco offers great deals on movie tickets. They have a pack of four $25 gift cards to and are giving them away for $74.99!

  3. Time Your Movie Properly
    Movie theaters are open for most of the week, most of them do a significant part of their business on weekends, but their sales drop dramatically during the weekdays. If you time your movie right, you will be amazed at how much you may save just by going at a time with a lesser audience. Many theatres offer much lower prices on weekdays.

  4. Cash in on Special Discounts
    Just by taking the correct ID to the ticket window, you may find yourself qualifying for a discount, as some theatres offer special prices to some customers. Discounts are not applicable to all the days a theatre operates. Movie theatres offer discounts to seniors, military veterans, students, and even early birds. You can check these fantastic discounts on Cinemark as a start.

    Do you love watching movies? Tell us a few of your favorite movies and where you might have watched them. Have you ever got a movie ticket at a steal of a price? Tell us in the comments below.