Make Your Flights Comfortable and Easy with These 4 Accessories

By Lea June 21, 2022 in Men, Women

Now that travel season is back, everyone is booking flights. It has been a while since people have traveled unrestricted, so why not make the most of it? One key factor that makes a flight enjoyable or frustrating is comfort. Whether a short flight or the long haul, here is our list of on-flight accessories to help you make the most of your time in the sky!

Travel Blanket
Whether you are flying to a cold country or a tropical destination, flights tend to be cold. This is why we highly recommend investing in a travel blanket. The market has many options, and we recommend going for the compressible kind with its own case. Having its own case will ensure that the blanket remains secure and free of germs. The best thing about travel blankets is that they are diverse; use them as a pillow or keep yourself cozy on your flight. Another type of blanket we would recommend is one that can be doubled as a scarf off the flight. This would be ideal when you visit temples and other religious places that require a scarf.

Eye Mask
When you simply feel the need to nap mid-flight, you will want the lights shut and the window shade closed. The ideal solution is an eye mask. Now traditional travel eye masks tend to put pressure on the eyes and can ruin makeup. Therefore we recommend concave ones. The area above the eye is hollow and allows no light in, so it is a win-win situation for all!

Neck Pillow
Neck pillows help avoid neck cramps from sitting in an airplane for too long. Try investing in a neck pillow to avoid discomfort during your much-needed mid-flight nap. We recommend either one that is inflatable (to save space) or one that has memory foam to ensure optimal comfort.

Seat Cushion
Although airplane seats are designed to avoid discomfort during all flights, a little extra comfort never hurt anyone! A seat cushion is your best multi-purpose comfort investment to help with blood circulation and spine pain relief. If you are someone that deals with numbness during long-haul flights, this product is excellent. The benefits of this product extend beyond the flight itself, as it can be used in cars and other seated areas.

Investing in products for your comfort that are in line with airline policy is essential. Always consult the list of permissible items on flights as different airlines have varying rules. Now that we have rounded up our best suggestions for comfortable flights, we would love to know your recommendations and ideas in the comments!