Macy’s offers a Virtual Reality Furniture Experience to shop online

By April 19, 2021 in Home

Who doesn’t love a good furniture shopping spree? But do you also end up second-guessing yourself after swiping your card? Many people prefer to shop online because they can do it on their own time, in their PJS, cuddled up in bed. If dressing up, going to the store and selecting furniture is exhausting for you- grieve no more! Macy’s offers a great virtual reality furniture experience for 2021. 

With the help of Virtual Reality, Macy’s now lets you 3D design your house. Using your space, the latest technology helps you arrange furniture pieces in your room, allowing you to confidently decide what looks best. And if you’re a home décor guru, get ready to spend countless hours arranging and rearranging your house using advanced VR technology. 

Here are a few reasons why you should take advantage of Macy’s new technology: 

1- Design your room using your space

Using the “Visualize Your Space” feature, users can pick any piece of furniture they like and visualize it in their room using the 3D feature. This will help users get a better visual cue regarding assembling their space without moving anything physically. If you’ve been delaying revamping your room, we believe now is the right time.

2-Select Furnishing from Macy’s assortment

Macy’s has hundreds of different furnishing items and designs. If you’re one of those customers who hate patiently going around exploring the entire store, you can now sit in bed and scroll through the endless pieces of furniture available at Macy’s. Add to your cart everything you like, and then scan the best options once you’re done.

3-Lay it out Virtually before buying it

The concept of Virtual Reality is a step into the future. If you’re a tech buff and a furniture hoarder, this might be a visual treat for you. Virtually laying together different furniture and seeing how they coordinate with your room will give you a better hang of decorating your space without putting in a lot of effort.

4-A VR experience like none other

Using the Latest Virtual Reality Technology, Macy’s is among the first few in the business to accommodate its users with no other experience. The VR technology is not new to any of us, but very few retailers considered it a fruitful investment given its slightly costly pricing.

However, Macy’s, like always, never compromises when it comes to customer care. It now allows you to shop and play designer at home. 

The Macy’s App is available on play store for all Android and IOS cell phones. What do you think of VR integration in online shopping? Would you like to give it a try? Let us know in the comments!