Looking at Kitchen Countertops for Your New Home? Check Out These 5 From IKEA!

By March 21, 2022 in Home

Are you building a new home or renovating your existing one? It is a tough ordeal! From making sure the design is on point, to keeping your budget under consideration, it can wrack the mind of the calmest person. One key aspect of a house is the kitchen, and in the kitchen, it is the kitchen counter!

From holding pots and pans, to dealing with spillage and drops, your kitchen counters take a lot more beating than most people know. Not only do your kitchen counters need to be durable, but they also have to be attractive. Talking about kitchen counters and budgeting, one brand takes the cake in household aesthetics; IKEA! IKEA makes some of the best household pieces you can buy today, check out these stunning kitchen counters below!

EKBACKEN Countertop, Concrete
If you are an old-school fan, then you will love this countertop with a concrete effect. This is the ultimate countertop that will retain its look for many years to come. The countertop is laminated so you do not have to worry about it absorbing stains and becoming dirty in the long run.

EKBACKEN Countertop, concrete effect/laminate, 98x1 1/8 "

EKBACKEN Countertop, White Marble
White marble finish always adds a lot of sophistication to the kitchen. And this countertop does that perfectly. This too is a laminated countertop, which not only adds longevity to the countertop but also durability. It offers an edgy outlook to your kitchen set that will look fabulous.

EKBACKEN Countertop, white marble effect/laminate, 74x1 1/8 "

EKBACKEN Countertop, Black Stone
If your kitchen theme pivots around the black color, then this black stone finish is the perfect choice for you. This design is especially thin to add a more modern feel to your kitchen, and the countertop is designed with two edging strips that prevent moisture and water intrusion.

EKBACKEN Worktop, black stone effect/laminate, 186x2.8 cm

KARLBY Countertop, Walnut Finish
If you are looking for a more modern touch to your countertop replacement, then IKEA has you covered with the KARLBY countertop. The thick walnut veneer will meet the needs of your kitchen perfectly. The countertop is designed to resist harsh handling, so it does not bend or crack.

KARLBY Countertop, walnut/veneer, 98x1 1/2 "

KARLBY Kitchen Island Countertop, Oak Finish
If you are planning on building a kitchen island, IKEA has you all set with the KARLBY Oak Finish Countertop. Built from a combination of veneer and wood, this countertop will last you quite a few years. The unique pattern combined with the high-end construction means that it is one of the most durable countertops you can get for your kitchen.

KARLBY Countertop, oak/veneer, 74x1 1/2 "

The aesthetic of your kitchen pivots around how well-thought-out your kitchen counter is. What are your ideas for the perfect kitchen counter? Tell us in the comments below if one of the counters above matches them!