Keep Your Home Ready for Guests with Refreshing and Attractive Household Fragrances

By June 14, 2022 in Home

The way your house smells is usually the first thing that greets your guests. Yes, even before you say hello and usher them inside, the smell welcomes them. This is why it is crucial to make sure your house smells fresh and inviting. Whether you want to exude an aura of luxury or want to seem homey and fresh, we got you covered! The following is a carefully curated list of the best home fragrances, ranging from reed diffusers to sprays.

Reed Diffusers
If you want to create an ambiance of luxury with heavy and rich aromas wafting through your house, reed diffusers are your best friends. Doubling as beautiful décor on your coffee table, reed diffusers add a touch of drama to the environment. Reed diffusers take a while to release their soaked-up scents of essential oils. But once they do, the fragrance can easily last about a month with the proper care. Still not convinced yet? Check out this heavenly mix of Salted Caramel and Vanilla Reed Diffuser at The Body Shop store. The reviews speak for themselves!

Plug-in Gel Base
They are quick to set up and easy to remove. Hidden away from your guests’ sight, doing their job diligently, we present to you: plug-in gel-based air fresheners. They are the perfect home fragrance because they come in a compact casing and are also meant to last longer than regular sprays, given that they are gel-based. We recommend checking out the ones by Glade, which are just under $2!

Candles have been around a long time. They make for a pretty embellishment to any living space while also providing light and scent. Dim lights and appealing aromas make for a heavenly combination. Scented candles can be found in great variety: from high-end beeswax Yankee candles to more affordable paraffin ones. We would recommend you to check out scented candles based on a scent matching the aesthetic of your home and budget.

Air fresheners and linen sprays are a Godsend for covering up an odor. The smell of food or your beloved pet stinking up the house right before your friends and family come over can seem like a nightmare. Sprays are quick, effective and readily available to keep stacked in your pantry. If you are looking for flowery scents, we recommend checking out the Juniper Laurel Mint Linen & Room Spray at Caldrea ($15). If you are not inclined to spend more than $5 on an air freshener, we will advocate the classic Febreze in Mediterranean Lavender. It will add the perfect floral touch to your living space!

Now that you have many choices for home fragrances, you can add them to your cart! Do you have any personal fragrance favorites? Be sure to tell us in the comments below. Happy shopping!