Is The Ceiling of Your House Looking Bland? – Here Are 6 Décor Ideas to Jazz It Up!

By May 25, 2022 in Home

The ceiling is a commonly overlooked part of the room that most people ignore when upgrading their homes. While the walls are what you notice first, the ceiling is what sets the tone and emphasizes the aesthetic you strive for. Here is our list of ideas to upgrade your roof from underrated to the star of the show!

Painting it a contrasting color
The quickest way to draw attention to your ceiling is to paint it a contrasting color to the walls. We suggest keeping the walls relatively neutral and going for a pop of color for the top. If the walls of your room are wood-paneled, try and opt for a bright, fun color like a shade of blue, i.e. teal or turquoise! Grab a bucket of painting and get painting!

Painting it the same color as the walls
If you plan on going on the DIY route and have decided to take matters into your own hands, wall to ceiling paint is your best friend. You are saving yourself the hassle of looking for the appropriate color for your ceiling. The best part is that it will give your room the illusion of being bigger than it might be while also drawing attention to the ceiling. We suggest opting for neutrals or pastels to make the room truly attractive!

LED lights
If you feel like spicing up the light arrangement in your room for the right atmosphere, LED lights are a cheap and quick fix! You can put them on a cool multicolored setting, or consider warm tone lights to cast a subtle halo glow from above! Get yours now, starting at just $4.88.

What do French Chateus and grand dining rooms have in common? Chandeliers! Easily the most effective tool in creating an air of grandeur, chandeliers are an excellent addition to ceiling décor and can shift the room’s entire aesthetic. If you want to go all out, we recommend going for glass chandeliers in brass or gold tones for a warm atmosphere. But if you gravitate towards a more minimalist approach, there are plenty of options on the market!

Wooden Paneling
Wooden paneling is a foolproof way to add character to your ceiling! Wooden panels are easy to maintain and clean while also doubling as a chic interior choice. We suggest consulting an interior designer when choosing which type of wooden paneling to opt for.

Coffered ceilings
Although a pricy method to add glamour to your ceiling, it is well worth it! If you are a big fan of happening ceilings with a lot to look at, coffered designs for ceilings can be the right choice to invest in. With so many designs available, you will have a lot to choose from! But make sure you select suitable beams to install.

Now that we have suggested what we believe are the best ceiling upgrade ideas, we would love to hear yours in the comments below!