Is Losing Weight Too Hard For You? Here is What Nutritionists Say about Healthy Eating

By Lea June 3, 2021 in Men, Women

If you have ever grown out of clothes that you once loved to wear, you know how disheartening it can be to see that you are gaining weight. When someone finally gets the courage to do something about it, the second blow of discouragement comes when you do not seem to be losing any weight no matter what you do.

A study shows that more than 70 per cent of Americans are either overweight or obese! A lot of the people who lose weight seem to gain it back in a short time. Regardless of how much they cut back on foods and do exercise, progress seems to come back to square one. So what is the answer? According to nutritionists, the story of weight loss is entirely different, and here is what they advise.

Forget About Calorie Math
When you start dieting, you keep the simple equation in your mind, calories in should be lesser than calories out. This becomes inconsistent, as a smaller body needs fewer calories. As you lose weight, you need to adjust your calorie count accordingly. Secondly, the quantity of calories is not as important as the quality of them. For example, nuts have a lot of fat in them but seem to help with weight loss.

Eat More Veggies
This one is a no-brainer, and all sorts of weight loss plans suggest the use of vegetables. You need to start eating more vegetables if you intend to lose weight. The idea is not to replace important nutrition such as a protein with a carrot stick but to generate a love for vegetables inside you.

Carbs are not Your Enemy
Yes, a low-carb diet can be a quick way to lose weight, but is it the best for your body? The answer is no. A study showed that people who avoided carbs were more likely to gain weight and inclined to obesity compared to people who kept whole grain carbs in their diet. Carbohydrates also lower the risk of metabolic complications and type-2 diabetes. Getting a pack of Old Fashioned Rolled Oats would undoubtedly be a good idea right about now.

Redefine Your Ideal Weight
People set the standard of weight loss too tough on themselves. Many of us look for the perfect and slim body that we had 10 years ago in college. Still, realistically, that may not be achievable anymore. Some people share that even at their thinnest, they felt broken inside. So, maybe it is not about getting as skinny as possible. What you need to be is happy and healthy, and that should always be the goal.

Weight loss can be a strenuous journey, both emotionally and physically. But many of us neglect our mental wellbeing in the process and start torturing our bodies, sometimes for things we cannot control. Tell us about your experiences with weight loss in the comments below.