Is Listening to Audio Books More Effective than Reading?

By June 8, 2021 in Kids, Men, Women

Sitting at home and have nothing to do? Reading is a hobby that many people suggest and is a great pass-time. But not everyone is built for reading. To some, even the thought of a book in their hands gives them anxiety, thanks to the tedious school curriculum. Audiobooks are audio versions of the books we read. You can get an audiobook of almost any book you can think of. And they have been proved to have considerable benefits. Some people even claim that they might be better than reading. Here are a few reasons why audiobooks are great:

  1. They build critical listening skills of children
    Audiobooks boost all the related aspects of verbal communication, from comprehension and fluency of speech to better vocabulary and pronunciation. Listening is one of the first skills that a child learns, and using it to learn can be very impactful.

  2. They reduce negative thoughts
    Audiobooks have a tendency to deter negative thoughts from the mind and improve mood. A note in psychology today claimed that anxiety and depression can be replaced by other constructive thoughts when someone hears another person reading a text loudly.

  3. Audiobooks are easier on the eyes
    While most Americans are known to spend several hours of a day on average looking at screens, turning on an audiobook, putting down your phone and closing your eyes can be a treat to your eyes. With online education and devices like the Amazon Kindle, the eyes are under more stress than ever.

  4. They improve sleep
    As audiobooks mean lesser exposure to screens, they reduce the blue light our eyes are exposed to as well. Blue light is known to disturb the sleeping patterns and sleep quality, while audiobook becomes means to avoid that.

  5. Audiobooks improve time management
    While traditionally, when reading a book, your hands and eyes are tied to the book, and you cannot really do anything else simultaneously. Audiobooks only need your ears and a bit of your attention for you to enjoy them. You can do trivial tasks such as driving, cleaning and exercising while listening to an audiobook.

  6. They have the same effects as reading
    Audiobooks are almost like a cheat code in the world of literature. In research, brain scans showed that audiobooks triggered the same parts of the brain as regular books did. But with audiobooks, you become immersed in another world and feel the book on another level. So technically, it might even be better than reading.

    Audiobooks indeed have many benefits. And arguably, they are better than reading, at least for the people who do not enjoy reading. To some people, the crinkle of paper and the smell of a new book are fundamental parts of reading. While for the people who do not value them that much, audiobooks might be the answer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!