How to Preserve Meat without Using Refrigerators: Four Easy and Effective Ways

By June 29, 2021 in Food

Many stores keep the meat in chillers, and even the slightest snowstorm can cut the power out for many days. And for people who have meat and other such perishables stored, it will start thawing out within a few days. It is essential to know different ways of preserving meat, and here are a few:

  1. Smoking
    This is one of the oldest methods of preserving meat. Smoking was used as means to dehydrate meat in areas where there was too much humidity. You can very easily get a smoker from many outlets and do this at home. Smoked meat can be delicious when cooked.

  2. Curing
    Curing is the process of salting meat to preserve it, and this too is passed on from a long time ago. It can be a very cheap process to master. Some curing recipes are even used in combination with a smoker to add fantastic flavor to the meat. This is how some famous types of meat such as bacon and pastrami came into being.

  3. Brining
    This, too, is a straightforward and traditional method of preserving meat. The meat is soaked into a liquid called brine in a crockpot and needs to be stored in a cool area till it is being brined. Brine is essentially just a mixture of water, sugar, and salt. The meat needs to be weighed down, so you need crock pot weights as well.

  4. Pressure Canning
    Pressure canning is when meat is stored in cans with very high pressure and preserved as there is no air in the can, so there are no contaminants. For this, you will need a pressure canner. This is the most popular of the preserving methods, as after you can your meat, all you have to do is reheat it when you need to use it!

    How often have you had to deal with rotten meat because of a faulty refrigerator or a power cut? Not only is it a financial loss, but it becomes unbearably smelly. It can be a trouble to deal with that. We hope our tips on preserving meat helped you out, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.