How to Make The Best Popsicles in Three Simple Steps

By Lea June 8, 2021 in Home

Popsicles are just marvelous when it comes to having a cool snack in the summer. Plus, making them is very simple; it can be as simple as adding fruit juice into a container and freezing it. But if you want to get a little fancy, you have all the room to do that. You can add fruit chunks and more complicated mixtures of fruits to get that perfect taste. Making popsicles is a straightforward process, but if you want to create flawless popsicles each time, follow these three quick and easy steps!

Set up the flavors
The best sweeteners are ripe or even slightly overripe fruits because of their natural taste. To further sweeten the mixture, you can use sugar, maple syrup, or a healthier sweetener like honey. Keep in mind that when the mixture is frozen, the taste will dull a little, making it a little sweeter than you like while mixing. You can have water-based or milk-based popsicles, even though you can technically call milk-based popsicles ice-cream. You can even go a tad adventurous and use yogurt as the base.

Once your mixture is ready, you can head to the next step that is molding. This is an enjoyable process as you get to choose the shape of the molds and pour the mixture into them gently. You can use two types of molds. Plastic molds are traditional molds that usually come with wooden sticks for popsicles. Silicone molds are the modern ones, which can have intricate details etched onto the popsicles. They look fantastic and are easier to remove from the popsicle as well. Even if you don’t have a mold, anything you can pour water into can become a mold for your popsicle. Just make sure it would come out easily.

Now, as you have filled the molds with the mixture, you can go ahead and put the molds in the freezer. Based on how thick your mixture was, the freezing time for the popsicles can range from four to eight hours. You can turn the cooling of your freezer to the max for a tenderer popsicles at the end.

There you go! You have successfully made popsicles; now, all you need to do is remove them from the molds and enjoy! For plastic molds, hold them in warm water for a few seconds and then pull them out, and silicone molds just come right off! If our method of making popsicles worked for you, tell us in the comments below!