How to Make Everyone Smile during National Smile Month

By Lea June 8, 2021 in Kids, Men, Women

National smile month is a charity campaign to promote the benefits of having good oral health. The Oral Health Foundation raises awareness of important health issues and tries to make the smile on every face a beautiful one. National smile month asks for the support of everyone, as even though oral health has significantly improved over the last 40 years, there is still a lapse in its availability to everyone. Another way you can celebrate the National Smile Month is to spread happiness and joy. Here are a few fantastic ways everyone can do that:

Cook something the family loves
Food is the universal way of making people happy. Everyone appreciates a good meal. So this National Smile month, try to cook things that the family loves more often. There is nothing that compares to the joy of the whole family sitting and enjoying a meal.

Take your kids to a theme park
No one is ever too old to enjoy a theme park. Having the whole family on a rollercoaster together, holding hands, is something that most families keep dreaming of having. Do not let it just be a dream; put in your part of the effort and go do it! You will surely put a smile on their faces.

Pay an old friend a visit
The fast-paced world of today leaves no room for people other than family in your mind. Often you even forget for months that friends even exist. But having an old friend visit you and reminisce over all the great time you had together is an experience that everyone needs. Get a box of chocolates or a cake and go see a friend of yours; the smile will be priceless.

Host a family reunion at your home
Family reunions are underrated. Get a barbecue grill, invite as much of your family as you can and have a great time at your home. Everyone deserves a break from their usual 9-5. When you see your kids, brothers, sisters and parents together laughing and enjoying, you will be bringing a smile to your face as well!

Donate to a charity
If you have ever felt the peace of donating something to charity, you know you can never get enough of it. There are countless charities in all of America, and you can choose a cause that you relate with and donate there. You would be spreading more smiles than you think!

Having happy, smiling people around you is a feeling like none other. Everyone loves to be around someone that makes them feel happy. What are your remedies to stir up smiles in people’s lives? Share them with us in the comments below!