How to Become a Freelancer: In a Nutshell

By Lea May 24, 2021 in Men, Women

The drive to become a freelancer has many reasons behind it. Two of the most common reasons are flexibility and being your own boss. Once you have decided that freelancing is the way to go for you. You will have to choose the types of jobs that you intend to take on. A quick Google search will tell you a bunch of options.

There are several freelance platforms that you can choose to start working with. Some are niche-specific platforms, and others are platforms that cater to many niches, such as Upwork. There countless things to consider when entering freelancing. Below are some tips to help you get started:

1.Build a Portfolio
One of the many things that come in handy when applying for a freelance project is experience and skill. You cannot demonstrate both those things directly to your client before you do their tasks. By making a portfolio related to your niche, you will be able to showcase your expertise.

2.Set Your Wage
One of the perks of freelancing is the ability to choose how much you get paid. But that is not as easy as it sounds. Projects come by flat rates and hourly wages, and setting a wage too high or too low will cause you trouble! You need to research how much your work is worth before you select your pay.

3. Select a Freelance Platform
It is never as easy as to just sign up on a freelance platform and get work. You have to secure clients before you can start working. There are multiple freelance platforms that can be big or small in size. On more giant platforms, there is a chance that the competition for jobs is higher, and starters don’t get jobs as quickly.

4. Polish Your Profile
Your profile is just like your resume; it is the first thing your clients will see once you apply for a job or project. You need to highlight all necessary details such as education and achievements. But you can also add extra things to your profile to make it stand out. Make the most of the options that your freelance platform gives you.

5. Search For Gigs
With all things in place, start looking for jobs that are relevant to your niche. Advice would be to start by applying for low level tasks and building up to bigger and better-paying jobs. This will allow you to grow as a freelancer and help you get clients quickly.

You should now be ready to enter the Gig economy with flying colors. And being a freelancer brings all the ups and downs of being your own boss. You would see the ups as soon as your ball gets rolling with the first few clients.