Here is What You Need to Know all About Online Grocery Buying Platforms in 2021

By Lea June 30, 2021 in Food

It is not new for shoppers to look for more accessible and convenient ways to buy the things they need. Just in 2020, online grocery sales soared 54%! As people are getting more adept at using technology to their benefit, online businesses are thriving. It has changed the shape of the market as we know it.

Everyone likes things when they are quicker, safe, and straightforward. The same goes for online grocery shopping. Convenience is vital when shopping for groceries. But businesses are faster than us to catch a hint of such trends. Many companies have started offering curbside pickup and free home delivery options. But we are here to bring you the best of the best. Here are a few platforms that have aced the game of online shopping.

  1. Instacart
    Instacart was founded by a former engineer at Amazon. The aim of the application was to help bare brick-and-mortar grocery sellers to take their businesses online. After that, they kept updating themselves and adding new features and now even surpass big-shots such as Walmart.

  2. Walmart
    Walmart was one of the first in the business to step up its online game. By the second quarter of 2020, they had almost doubled their e-commerce sales from the start of the year. They plan to invest even more into their online systems and stay strong against their rivals.

  3. Kroger
    Kroger is the largest grocery chain in the U.S and, as of now, one of the top e-commerce stores as well. They have more than 2200 pickup locations and 2450 delivery locations across the country. Their seamless shopping experience is centered entirely around ordering, pickup, delivery, and ship-to-home services.

  4. Shipt
    Shipt is a service that brings your purchases to your door just like any other successful online retailer. It was acquired by Target in 2017 and is now one of the leading services that send groceries and household essentials to customers’ doorstep. For deliveries more significant than $35, Shipt does not charge their customers anything.

  5. Thrive Market
    The business model of Thrive market is modeled around the sustainability of the planet. They have handpicked 5000 brands that care about the earth and their beings and help them get their products to consumers. Thrive market too nearly doubled its sales in 2020 because of its healthy products and noble mission.

    Are you a fan of the shift to online shopping? It can be convenient, but some people really love the experience of going to their favorite stores and getting groceries. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.