Having Trouble Getting Up in the Morning? 5 Alarm Clock Apps that will Amaze You

By June 15, 2021 in Home

When it comes to alarm clocks, they have a simple function: making noise that wakes you up when you need to. But to the heavy sleeper, just sound does not cut it. The same goes for mobile alarm clock apps. But fortunately, the creators of these apps have thought about people with deep sleep.

Today’s alarm clock apps have many features; some have numerous options for alarm clock sounds. Some apps also have tasks that you have to perform to shut the alarm off. This can be very beneficial to someone who does not wake up quickly. Here are a few fantastic apps that will save your day:

  1. Best Overall- Alarmy
    This is one of the most feature-packed alarms in the market. It has from loud sounds to wake-up checks. One of the app’s best features is that you can set missions that will help you wake up, such as solving mat questions or scanning a barcode in your home. Even though some extra features are to be paid for, the app is excellent if you want to be on time.

  2. No Subscriptions- I Can’t Wake Up
    If you want something like Alarmy but do not want to pay recurring subscriptions, this app has your back. You only need to buy the premium app once to have all of its features. Even though the app is not as great as Alarmy, it does feature wake-up checks and tasks to help you get started with your day.

  3. Simplistic- Early Bird Alarm Clock
    If you don’t like overly complicated app interfaces, this app is built for you. This is a nice change of pace from the common, confusing apps. This is a simple app but does not stay behind in any of the great features that it needs. You even have the option to see the weather just after the alarm is off, so you know what you have to face.

  4. Almost Stock- Clock
    While this may not pack the oomph that most of the other applications have on this list, it is a great option that is free to use and syncs up over multiple devices. This allows you to set a bedtime schedule and plays soothing sounds to help you sleep better. This is a great option even when compared to our top choices.

    It’s the worst when you wake up and realize that you missed something important because of your sleep. No one deserves to be punished for something they cannot control. We hope these apps help you in that matter. Have you ever gotten in trouble because of your sleep? Share with us in the comments below!