Great Applications that Help Make the Internet Child-Friendly

By May 24, 2021 in Kids

The internet brings with it countless avenues to gain knowledge and learn amazing new things. But, where the internet provides us with numerous opportunities, some websites quickly offer violent and adult content that puts your kids at risk. But there has got to be a way to avoid that, right? Well, you’re in luck as we are about to list a few apps that will change the internet game for concerned parents forever. These apps will allow you to monitor phone activity, block websites that are not suitable for kids, teach child safety lessons, and a lot more.

Kaspersky Safe Kids
This is a family and kid safety app that has multiple features to ensure that you are not vulnerable on the internet. You can monitor your kids’ activities with ease and set limits to their screen time. It also can block your kids from accessing adult content.

Kidgy – Parental control app
This app takes the safety of your family and kids to another level. This app allows you to track everything about the internet usage of your kids. You can block websites and do most of the things that a parental security app should let you do.

Google Family Link for Parents
This is amongst the best child safety apps on the market. This app is one of Google’s free tools that allow you to control multiple things. With this app, you can review your child’s activities on the device, approve or block the installation of apps, hide apps, and a lot more.

YouTube Kids
Fort kids and parents who want to watch videos safely, this is a fantastic option. In this application, the kid-friendly videos are automatically separated from YouTube and bunched together for your kids to access quickly. It is an excellent resource for parents, and there are countless videos for kids to watch safely and with ease.

Net Nanny Parental Control Software
This is a top-rated child security app that protects your kid from bullying, predators, inappropriate content, and many other threats. This app allows you to see instantly where they are and whether or not they are safe. You can even track the location of your kid in real-time!

If you are a parent, you would surely know the stress that comes with your kids on the internet. Even though too much supervision can be a bother for the child, no one can ever be too cautious. Tell us about any other great applications that you know of in the comments below.