Give a Modern Touch to Your Side-Table with these Feature-Filled Smart Desk Clocks!

By Lea January 24, 2023 in Electronics

Alarms are a modern-day necessity, whether set on your phone or a clock beside your bed. These clocks are a safety net for early risers, so they don’t oversleep, but waking up without a clock is almost impossible for people with uneven sleeping habits. Investing in a smart desk clock will be a good investment for you. While no clock can promise you a fresher morning, smart desk clocks make early mornings less challenging. But they are packed with a plethora of useful features that will improve your sleep quality!

Dekala Sunstone

The first clock on this list made its place because it wakes you up super gently in the morning and adds appeal to your side table too! The clock has many ambient colors and brightness levels that you can adjust with your phone! The clock can also be a sleep aid, creating a relaxing environment mimicking a fading sunset. It comes with an easy-to-use application!

LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Clock

The LaMetric time clock makes a beautiful merger between a retro feel and futuristic features! It has beautiful pixel-art styling and display, which will stand out in your room, making your side table unique. It allows you to set up reminders, alarms, and a festive mode that changes the theme according to a festival! It gives you frequent weather updates and keeps you in sync with the time of day!

Loftie Alarm Clock

While most alarm clocks are designed to wake you up, the Loftie alarm clock sets its target in improving your sleep! Once you go through the clock’s countless features, you will realize it is way more than that! It will help you fall asleep better through nature sounds, white noise, or even bedtime stories if that’s your deal. It uses a combination of two sounds to wake you up; a gentle sound followed by a louder one!

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo is one of the leaders in the modern world of gadgets, and like phenomenal devices in the smartphone and accessory categories, the company has an incredible Smart Clock too! This is not just an alarm clock to wake you up; it also focuses on reducing your screen time at night. It comes with google assistant, so all you have to do is tell it what you want it to do!

Dekala Arches

Dekala is known for its great lighting solutions worldwide! It is an award-winning company, and it keeps the pattern alive in its digital smart clock too! The Dekala Smart Clock is compatible with Google and Alexa, featuring top-of-the-line dimmable lights and a wireless charger! You can also sync the lights to music as a Bluetooth speaker. It is a complete side-table gadget in one!

You can find countless sleep aid gadgets in online stores today, but this small tech gift will save you money and improve your routine! What do you think about smart desk clocks? Are they useful or just a fad? Tell us in the comments below!