Get a taste of Target’s newest owned brand, ‘Favorite day’ 

By Lea April 19, 2021 in Coupons

Target’s latest development in the world of food and beverages will turn every day into your Favorite day. A dedicated team at Target has been working for a while to bring the best taste to the market. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re surely in for a treat.  

Target’s latest brand “Favorite Day” has 2 different services:

 1- Favorite Day Bakery – The product’s Bakery line will introduce one of a kind assorted baked goods, from all sorts of loaves of bread to delicious cupcakes.

2- Favorite Day Gourmet -The Gourmet Line will bring the best ice cream, you’ve ever had, along with loads of scrumptious sweet desserts. 

With so much variety in the market, you’d be asking yourself, why Favorite Day? Well, not only will you be introduced to flavors like never before, but you will also be able to buy all of these products at a reasonable price. EVERYTHING at Favorite Day will be under $15; not only is Target dedicated to providing the best quality products to its customers, but it also makes sure it doesn’t go too heavy on the pocket. Along with that, all their products will be conveniently  available through their same-day service.  

Here’s what you should expect from Favorite day  

1- Rigorously Tested Scrumptious Recipes

Target never compromises on quality. It brings Favorite Day, after numerous trials and errors. Carefully created and approved by the best food scientists, we can vouch for their standard, and so will your experience.  

2-A Wide Variety 

Target is offering a wide variety of almost 700 products from dairy-free frozen dessert bars, caramel macchiato trail mix, bagels, croissants, cookies, premium ice cream, cake decorating supplies, beverage mixers, mocktails, and so much more.   

What we’re looking forward to 

We all scream for Ice cream! With so many premium Ice cream brands in the market, Favorite Day has pledged to bring its customers the very best. We cannot wait to try a scoop or two of their Caramel Cold Brew Ice Cream. Made with Colombia Cold Brew coffee, Espresso Chocolate Chunks, Caramel Swirl with real bits of coffee melt on the tongue. Doesn’t this sound like a coffee lover’s dream? According to Food scientist Allen McGee, this flavor has received an overwhelming response from taste testers, and we can guess why.  

What do you think? Is Target’s new food line worth a shot? If you think it’s a good step to get premium-quality food online- well, so do we! If you don’t, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.