Ethically Made Stuffed Toys That Add a Cute Touch to Any Home

By August 9, 2021 in Home

Stuffed toys are not just soft and safe toys your toddlers play with. They are one of the first friends that your children have. They support your children through the emotional ups and downs. Your child’s relationship with their stuffed friend is of unconditional love, based on honesty and trust. That is why it is not surprising when you see adults still attached to the teddy they had as a kid.

Other than the critical role that stuffed toys play in a child’s life, they are great for decorating the kid’s room in your house. They can add the cute and innocent vibe that a kid’s room really needs. So here are some stuffed toys that would add a great touch to your home, as well as being a trusty companion for your kids:

Hand Felted Polar Bear
This beautiful and cozy hand-felted polar bear is a cute and lovely addition to both the fleet of stuffed animals that your child has and your house. It is sold by bought beautifully and made by hand in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. They promise fair wages, and they make sure that the workers are happy with their jobs!

Flamingo Stuffed Animal
This brightly colored flamingo stuffed animal will undoubtedly brighten and enlighten the aura of the kid’s room in your home. Papillon was made when a young mother of two decided to add a member to her family through adoption and found out not all kids were orphans; some mothers were just not able to pay for their kids. So she made Papillon help at-risk mothers keep their children.

Leota – Black Hair with Patterned Dress
As per the makers, Leota loves fashion and playing with debutante balls. She is proud of her rich curls and blue cotton dress. Leota is a part of the debutante girls collection at GuudGuuds. It is a soft body ragdoll with embroidered facial features and printed clothing. The company is aimed to make a cleaner and more sustainable earth by making eco-friendly products.

Baby Unicorn
All kids love a lovely unicorn. It is made by the artisans over at Papillon as well and costs very reasonably too! You can get it in various colors, and you do not have to worry about them being ethical at all! This product creates 4 jobs for their workers!

How do you plan to arrange these toys around the house? Do you plan to have a dedicated shelf or place them at random places in the room where they look good? Tell us in the comments below!