Different Types of Curtains, Why they Matter, And Where to Get Some- Read On!

By Lea June 22, 2021 in Home

Too many curtain options and cannot decide which one suits you? Well, do not worry. We have you covered. While many people may not pay so attention to detail, only perfectionists know the difference and the numerous factors that come into play when deciding on curtains.

There are several styles of curtains, such as box pleat and pinch pleat, and not every one of them suits each room’s aura. We know that choosing suitable curtains can a burden, so we made a list of different curtains and where they are best suited. Take a look!

  1. Pinch Pleat Curtains
    These curtains are unique for bedrooms and sitting places. Pinch pleat curtains are pinched at the top, and the fabric below flows exquisitely. You can have from two to five finger pleats; more pleats give a fuller look to the curtain.

  2. Box Pleat Curtains
    These curtains have deep and uninterrupted folds that go across the entire fabric. They are excellent for dining rooms, lounges, and bedrooms.

  3. Goblet Pleat Curtains
    These curtains are designed for large rooms that are for formal use. The goblet pleat gets its name from its goblet-like appearance, and they are very delicate. Therefore, they should not be installed somewhere where they will be used a lot.

  4. Pencil Pleat Curtains
    These are more casual and fun compared to the previous styles of curtains. They should be installed where not much formality is needed. The thinly placed pleats allow a variety of hooks and rods to be used with them.

  5. Eyelet Curtains
    These are modern-style curtains that suit all rooms. They have open rings instead of hooks, and the rod passes between the rings. This brings attention to the rod of the curtain and makes them easier to open and close.

  6. Rod-Pocket Curtains
    These are the most casual on the list till now. They have pockets through which the curtain rod passes and can be used with thinner and more delicate rods as the fabric is very lightweight. They are best for casual decoration and do not do well in frequent use.

  7. Tab-top Curtains
    Like eyelet curtains, the rod passes through rings, but this time they are fabric rings designed so that the curtain sits a little lower than the rod. This style is ideal for printed fabrics and is used in farmhouse or cottage décor.

    Curtains add a kind of grace to your home that is truly remarkable. The right set of curtains that go with the room can make it more appealing. Did you learn something new about curtains here? If you know something we could not write here, tell us in the comments below!