Be Smart and Save by Buying a Christmas Tree for Next Year

By Lea January 5, 2023 in Home

Christmas might have past but we can take the spirit with us. Christmas is incomplete without the perfect tree; the whole holiday circles around it, from picking the right tree to decorating it and watching your kids leap in joy as they choose their presents from under it. If you want to be smart and save money, now is the time to purchase a tree for next year since they are all crazy discounted. Below are some great deals to choose from.

Costway 7.5ft Christmas Fir Tree

This Christmas tree offers a luxurious and fun style with its large size and a lifelike appearance. It is 7.5ft in height and has 1968 branches! This makes it look full and gives you plenty of room to decorate with beautiful ornaments. The material used is non-flammable and non-allergenic while looking like the real thing, so you do not have to compromise on anything this Christmas!

5.5′ Pre-Lit Full Teardrop Balsam Fir Tree

All you have to do is hang your personalized ornaments and decorations on this beautiful Balsam Fir Christmas tree by Wondershop. It has natural-looking branches made from hinged faux balsam fir. With 300 clear lightbulbs that you can power directly from an electrical plug, the tree shines bright and revitalizes your home’s Christmas spirit!

Costway 6ft/7.5ft/9 ft Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

Costway is leading the charge with beautiful trees like this snow-flocked variety! The best thing about it is that you get to choose from a variety of sizes, ranging from 6ft tall all the way up to 9ft. The snow-flocked tree matches the vibe of the snow outside Christmas time.

7.5 ft Festive Pine Christmas Tree

With a 46-inch base and a height of 7.5 feet, you will not be able to keep your eyes off how wonderful this tree will look on Christmas. It has 1009 tips that would bring your family together on the fun of decorating it all together. The tree has 500 color-changing LEDs that add a festive sparkle to your Christmas celebrations.

12 ft Dunhill Fir Incandescent Christmas Tree

Do you want to take your Christmas celebrations from great to grand? Then this 12-feet high and 80 inches wide full-sized Dunhill Fir will make your home a welcoming winter wonderland! Your kids will absolutely love how splendid your Christmas decorations will look on this tree with 1500 pre-installed lights on a gorgeous tree! You can bet that your guests will spread the word about your grand Christmas decorations everywhere!

We tried our best to list a bunch of trees that will be shipped directly to your doorstep. There are both pre-lit and basic options in the trees above. Tell us in the comments which one you plan to buy and why?