Breakfast Done Right: The Five Most Nutritious Breakfast Options for All

By Lea June 30, 2021 in Food

You might have heard people saying how important breakfast is in terms of a meal. There is an excellent reason for that. As the name signifies, a breakfast marks the end of a long spell of hunger and dehydration that your body goes through as you sleep. Basically, you are breaking the overnight fasting period.

A good breakfast gives you many essential nutrients by replenishing your glucose reserves, improving your alertness, and providing other essential nutrients imperative to a healthy body. But despite the fantastic benefits known of breakfast, many people skip it for many reasons. Here are some very nutritious and easy-to-make breakfast options, so you get all your essential nutrients without fail!

Having eggs for your breakfast can help you feel full for longer. This also allows you to reduce your calorie intake at the next meal and assist you in maintaining steady levels of blood sugar and insulin. A hard-boiled egg is very portable, too; you can have it on the go!

Greek Yogurt
Other than being very creamy, nourishing, and delicious, it is known to be a great source of protein too. Greek yogurt has a thermic effect on your body that boosts your metabolism. It is made by straining whey and other liquids from milk curds, concentrating the protein in it.

If you are active on your socials, you may have heard the phrase “don’t talk to me till I have had my coffee” somewhere. Coffee is high in caffeine, and it improves your mood and mental performance. Even a little caffeine can achieve these effects.

Oatmeal is made from ground oats. They have a unique fiber that is beta-glucan. This has staggering health benefits; researches even show that it lowers cholesterol levels. The viscous fiber makes it a very filling breakfast. Oatmeal is a favorite for cereal lovers are it works amazingly with fruits and milk!

Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are underrated for how good they are for you. They are very nutritious and are one of nature’s best sources of fiber. The viscous fiber of chia seeds absorbs a lot of water, making you feel fuller as they go in your tummy. They reduce hunger, improves blood sugar levels and blood pressure!

We know most of these options are already known to you, but hearing about how much they nourish your body would surely make you reconsider them for your daily breakfast. Tell us about any of your favorite breakfast items in the comments below!