Board Game Sets The Entire Family Can Enjoy- On Sale!

By Lea July 8, 2021 in Home

The daily routines of most families are set. Parents spend most of their day working while the kids are either glued to the screens or in a best-case scenario playing a sport. Family time has taken a huge blow in these fast-paced times. It is all far from ideal. There are countless avenues for families to spend time together that should be explored, and board games are well near the top. So put down your electronic gadgets, call your family together, and pull out good old-fashioned board games. They have surely been ignored, and wrongly so. Here are a few splendid games that you can enjoy with the whole family

The Game of Life
Each player receives a plastic piece which then has to go through multiple stages of life. It is a fun game that you can play with your kids as they dream about all the possibilities and responsibilities that they would have as they go to college, get married and what not!

This is a suspenseful mystery game in which you have to look for clues as everyone becomes a detective. There has been a murder in the game and it is up to you and six other players to find the culprit, you too are a suspect in the murder.

Candy Land
The premise of the game is very simple and it is fun for even the youngest of the family members to play. A character in the game named King Kandy is lost, and the players have to take turns to find him by drawing cards and doing as the card says.

No good list of board games can be made without a mention of the all-time classic: Monopoly. The game features buying and selling properties as the players become real estate titans. It is a mix of luck and skill as players go along the game trying to avoid getting thrown in jail.

It would not be wrong to say that scrabble is an all-time beloved classic. It is a giant jumble of words with all sorts of possibilities. Players are given a set of wooden tiles, each with a different value, and players have to use their tiles to create words that add up to scores. The player with the most point-rich words wins!

Surely you too would have gotten frustrated with this addiction to screens. It surely feels like we are in very trying times, life is passing too quick to take time out for even the most important of things. Are you a big fan of board games? If yes, tell us about your favorite games in the comments below!