Best Space Heaters of 2023 – Low-Cost and Effective!

By Lea February 6, 2023 in Home

Have a chilly room? A space heater is one of the best and most low-cost solutions to warm up your space! There are several space heaters, but the most effective and simple ones are electric-powered ones. They can heat only the space you are in, instead of a fully central heated house. Another benefit is that they are way cheaper than an HVAC to buy and maintain. It is easy to figure out what is wrong with a space heater; even if it gives out on you, you can easily replace it. Here is a list of the best options you have in 2023:

Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower

This is one of the most unique designs that can be found in the market. This Heater features numerous safety features, sleek build, and remote control. With safety features, you can be worry-free about any fires, as it will automatically shut off in any abnormality. The sleek design helps you tuck it into any corner of your room, and with the remote control, you don’t have to go to it either!

Dyson Air Purifier and Heater

The Dyson has arguably one of the best and most attractive designs on this list. Plus, this one comes with two options; heating and cooling. It has an intelligent temperature monitoring system that accurately monitors the room temperature. One problem that heaters have is burning smells, but Dyson prevents that by protecting the heating elements from dust. This is one of the safest space heaters you can find in the market.

Vornado Personal Space Heater

Being one of the most affordable options, the Vornado is surprisingly quiet and effective at heating small to medium rooms. This space heater has been amongst the best in the market since 2018. It consistently bests other models in how fast it heats a room and how steady the temperature build-up remains over time. It features overheating and tip-over protection, making it safe for your home.

Dreo Solaris H3 Space Heater

This is similar to the Lasko Ceramic heater in appearance and function, but it is more affordable and comes with an extra feature. This space heater has a rare oscillating function that allows it to spread warm air around the room efficiently. While it may not be as quick at heating your room as other options are on the list, it is certainly one of the most uniform and comfortable.

Honeywell 360 Surround Heater

Being the most affordable heater on the list, the Honeywell 360 surround heater has done a fantastic job in user ratings. Customers are all over the 360-degree air circulation and innovative design. This heater uses its top vents to pull in air and release warm air from the bottom. It is excellent for a bedroom where you need good ambient airflow.

Most space heaters do a great job maintaining the room’s temperature to your desired level. They have sensors that turn off the heater automatically. Do you think a space heater is a good idea, or do you plan to get a complete HVAC for your home? Tell us in the comment section below!