Best Eyeshadow Palettes You Need to Try in 2021

By Lea November 8, 2021 in Women

Eyeshadows are a tricky game! Applying them correctly is tedious as it is; choosing the right shadow is no joke either! Eyeshadows look like the premium product that should only be reserved for your Friday night outs. But with winters here, going out at night will not be much of an option.

So rock your vibrant eyeshadows during the day! While it may be more visible and you may stand out of the crowd, it will look fantastic. The perfect shade is an excellent way to lift your mood and build a vibrant personality amongst your peers. So check out these great picks:

Milani Guilded Nude Palette
This palette is a favorite of many celebrity stylists. They claim it is loaded with pigment and has a duo-chrome shade. The eyeshadow twinkles because of the fine glitter and spreads like silk on the eyelids. The palette is semi-transparent, and it can be used for other purposes like highlighting the cheek and brow bones. The multi-functional appeal of the eyeshadow has people going crazy for it!

Juvia’s Place Zulu Eyeshadow Palette
If you like minimalism with matte and shimmery shades, then this eyeshadow is made for you. It has slight pops of color that go perfectly with the shadows. The ultra-minimal and sleek glossy monochromes are perfect for providing for your matte and shimmer needs. It is great for on-the-go touch-ups and will give your eyes a natural-looking depth.

The Zulu Eyeshadow Palette

Ilia Necessary Eyeshadow Palette
If you want to go towards the premium options in eyeshadows, this one takes the cake. You will be amazed by how easily the shadows glide on your eyes with the brush. The intense pigment of the eyeshadow will undoubtedly bring a new pop to your style. You can combine to colors to try newer and hotter styles too! The packaging and quality of the palette are exquisite, making it a steal for its price!

Valentino Color-Flip Multi-Look Eyeshadow Palette
For someone looking for an all-in-one palette, this is a must-try! You can find these in all sorts of color combinations. Be it bright, pastel, or neutral color, you have 16 shades in each compact. The formula is straightforward to blend, and it can be used any time of the day too. You can easily make a natural, deep, or Smokey look with the variety of color options at hand.

Color-Flip Eyeshadow Palette

These are some of the best eyeshadows money can buy for you. They will surely brighten up your winter. Tell us about all your favorite eyeshadows and tips to apply them in the comments below!