Top Rated Everyday Earrings According to Jewelry Designers

By Lea September 22, 2022 in Women

Everyone wakes up in the morning and decides how they want to look for the day unless they wear a uniform! The choice goes from your shoes to your outfit and the many accessories complimenting your look. And amongst accessories, earrings can be very tricky to pick. With the wrong outfit, your earrings will look entirely out of place.

So, to make your mornings less time-consuming, we decided to help you out, so you have to make one less decision each morning. We took our time to pick the sleekest and simplest designs that would go with almost everything in your closet!

5 Best Everyday Earrings for Women

ByChari Sade Hoops
The Sade Hoops are fantastic as they combine many of the best aspects of earrings into one beautiful package. The Sade Hoops are lightweight enough not to bother you the whole day but still have a bold, elegant look that brings personality to your outfit. You can also pair them with smaller earrings if you want to add more aesthetics.

Laura Lombardi Duo Hoop Earrings
These earrings will you give you a sophisticated look for your next engagement. This New-York based jewelry line is known for re-inventing classic jewelry pieces with a modern twist. There are rarely any outfits that do not go well with these 14k gold plated hoops.

Uncommon Matters Silver and Blue Strato Twist Earrings
These elegant little pieces will probably be the highlight of your outfit! The lapis hoop suspended in a sterling silver stud is more than intriguing. They are lightweight and look stunning, especially if you pair them with a matching outfit.

Mejuri Bold Pearl Huggies
These pearl earrings are made from carefully selected cultured pearls from oysters and freshwater mussels. They are not regular gold-plated earrings; they are gold vermeil. This means a thick 18k layer of solid gold on sterling silver. It will look and feel like a gold jewel at a fraction of the price. Whether you wear them solo or pair them with other earrings, these will surely catch the eye.

Khiry Tiny Khartoum Tapered Hoop Earrings
You do not have to wear large earrings to see them; you can go tiny and classy too! The tapered hoop earrings by Khiry are the perfect example of that. These earrings make a modern and minimalist statement and suit most if not all of your dresses, especially the formal ones. You can get them in gold or silver based on what you like!

We tried our best to pick earrings you would never want to take off; and you never have to! Did any of the designs above appeal to you? If yes, tell us in the comments below which one and why.