Amazing, Discounted Ornaments and Decorations you MUST get for Flag Day

By Lea June 9, 2021 in Uncategorized

The way values and traditions of the U.S are symbolized by the American flag. When you see pictures of the first flag being sewn by Betsy Ross and the marines raising it during World War II, they leave a distinctive mark of duty and honor. The world knows the colors red, white and blue as a beacon of freedom and liberty.

We celebrate Flag Day to celebrate our respect for the flag, our nation and our unity as one nation. The American flag has a proud and glorious history. Since its creation, the flag has led every battle fought by Americans, and many people have given their lives for it. So celebrating Flag Day comes as second nature to us, and here are a few ornaments and decorations that you can get to add to the beauty of the day.

American flag kit
What better to celebrate the American spirit than having the U.S flag waving outside your home with glory? To top it off, this flag is made from 8 recycled water bottles! So not only are you celebrating the free spirit of your country, you are doing your part in curbing its pollution. This kit comes complete with a wooden pole to mount your flag on, and it is very easy to assemble.

God Bless America doormat
Nothing would say “I love my country” to someone visiting your home than seeing a God Bless America doormat just before they enter your home. Everyone will know of the patriotism in your spirit as soon as they see this doormat. It is made of natural coir and costs a little above $18!

American Flag lumbar throw pillow
Celebrate the American spirit with this patriotic throw pillow! Its purposefully made rustic design makes it a perfect addition to the top of a sofa or an armchair on Flag Day. It is handcrafted in cotton to make it both comfortable and plump. To restore it when you take it out of the wrapper, all you have to do is fluff it and let it sit for 24-48 hours!

Patriotic Metal Garden Gnome
Include a gnome with other yardsticks in your garden to let people know about your patriotic spirit loud and clear! Even if you use this garden gnome all year round, it will not look like it is out of place. It comes with a back stand and is very easy to install.

Are you much of a patriotic spirit? How do you like to celebrate Flag Day? Do you go out and see the parades with your family or prefer to stay home and do your part by decorating. Tell us all about it in the comments below!