Aesthetic Clock Designs That Suit Every Room- Check Them Out!

By Lea July 12, 2021 in Home

When you hear someone talking about a wall clock, you might feel as if they are outdated. While you might be partly right as the modern smartphone has filled in for a lot of traditional gadgets, but wall clocks serve much more of a purpose than just telling time.

Wall clocks did go out of fashion for a short while, but that only led clock designers to step up their game. Today you can see wall clocks making a significant comeback as they are more aesthetically pleasing than ever. They do not just complement the space in your home or office, but actually enhance it! So here are a few minimalist and a few funky wall clock designs that you might want to take a look at and maybe consider for your room!

Modern DIY Mirror Wall Clock
This design easily tops our list of wall clocks. It is a creative 3D effect wall clock that you can apply to your wall or any other smooth surface in your home. It has a stainless steel clock face and an aluminum pointer. All you have to do to install it is to remove the protective layer from its stickers and paste it.

Outdoor Garden Wall Clock
Did you think that wall clocks are only for the inside of your home? If so, then to your surprise, look at this unique design of an outdoor clock. It is designed in metal and the numbers are in big roman numerals. It is a timeless and elegant design and is available in 40 and 60cm.

Howard Miller Ball Wall Clock
This modern wall clock is made as a throwback to the 1940s. Its gigantic size will surely add a new flair to your home and office; this is an adaptation of the classic design of George Nelson in the 1940s. The beautiful styling makes it an amazing addition to most rooms. It is made in brushed nickel and is surrounded by 12 black satin balls.

Basic Indoor Round Clock
Nothing beats a classic, basic colored round wall clock. There is something classy about minimalism that modern designs cannot really grasp. Other than that, you can get this clock for a stunningly low price. It will go perfectly in a basic colored office or a brightly colored bedroom too!

You cannot take any wall clock and say that it will go with every room of the house. You have to take into account the aesthetic of the room and the color scheme before getting one. What are your thoughts on wall clocks? Tell us in the comments below!