6 Easy Ways to Boost your Metabolism

By Lea October 26, 2021 in Home

Metabolism: you hear the term thrown around so much, but most of us never really know what it means. Metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions happening inside your body that allow you as a human to live! It goes from getting energy from the food you eat to healing any damage that your body has sustained from illnesses and injuries.

The next thing you hear is how to boost your metabolism. It is essential to have a good metabolism as it allows you to control your weight and lose it quickly! You also have a lot more energy when your metabolism is good. Here are six easy tips that will allow you to have a better metabolic rate:

Eat a Lot of Protein
When you eat food, your metabolic rate rises for a few minutes as your body starts to digest the food and extract nutrients. This is called the thermal effect of food. Protein has the largest thermal effect and helps you lose fat!

Drink Cold Water
Drinking water instead of sugary drinks helps you lose weight and keep it off. The water intake also increases your metabolic rate, and even more so when you drink cold water. The calorie-burning effect increases as your body generate heat to heat the water.

Lifting Heavy Things
Muscles are much more metabolically active than fat, and stimulating them can trigger a faster metabolism. This allows you to burn a lot of calories each day. When you are losing weight, you tend to face a drop in metabolism. Lifting weights can help you tackle that.

Drink Hot Beverages
Hot beverages, especially green tea and oolong tea, have a huge impact on your metabolic rate. These teas convert the fat in your body into free fatty acids that are easy to burn. These teas are good for health, weightless, and keeping weight off.

Eat Spicy Foods
Spices usually contain capsaicin. This promotes the metabolic rate a lot. It can be hard to consume it at the required level for some people, but it can lead to some serious weight loss if taken regularly.

Sleep Well
The lack of sleep is one of the biggest contenders in slowing your metabolic rate. Lack of sleep is also linked to high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. The hunger hormone is boosted, and the fullness hormone is slowed down. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things you can do for your metabolism.

With age, metabolism tends to slow down. But through the above ways you can easily minimize it. Do you agree with the tips above? Tell us in the comments below!