5 Tips to Get Good Gas Mileage in Your Car

By December 9, 2021 in Finance

With the way gas prices are going up, it is no wonder you are looking for ways to conserve gas. Even if money is not an issue for you, you may be concerned about getting better gas mileage for its several benefits! Your car emits lower pollutants when you drive economically, and you get more time between getting your tank filled up!

For a person that makes sure to cut losses in every way possible, getting good gas mileage is a no-brainer. While the mileage of your car would depend a lot on the type of car you have and the size of the engine it has, here are a few tips you can incorporate in your driving that will give you better mileage:

Drive Smoothly
At higher speeds, your car has to tackle more resistive forces like air resistance and friction in the tires. This reduces your fuel efficiency significantly. Keep rates lower than 50 miles per hour, and try to brake as little as possible.

Check Tire Pressure
Overinflated or under-inflated tires can be a serious hazard on the streets for you and other people. But under-inflated tires can affect your fuel economy a lot. Your car will have to put more effort into moving the tire and significantly reduce your gas mileage in the long run.

Avoid Idling
While letting your engine warm up for a few minutes was good advice for older engines, the new fuel injector technology is better for driving from the get-go. If you stop anywhere for more than 30 seconds, it is better to turn off the engine. Idling uses a lot of fuel, and you do not even notice that.

Keep Extra Load Off
Every 100 extra pounds you have in your car reduces your gas mileage by 1%. So it is a good idea to remove excess weight such as a spare tire and other luggage that you are carrying around for no reason. You will find your car much more fuel-efficient!

Regular Maintenance
There is nothing that will keep your car healthier than regular maintenance checks. If you cannot go to the shops or want to save money, you can easily learn how to maintain your vehicle on your own at home! Good car health is the main ingredient to good gas mileage.

The way you drive, and the terrains you drive on have an immense effect on your fuel economy. These five practical tips will help you stretch out every last mile you can get with your fuel tank. Do you think these tips are helpful? Tell us in the comments below!