5 Must-Haves for A Complete and Dependable Livestreaming Setup

By July 12, 2022 in Electronics

Livestreaming is one of the many jobs the internet boom brought. While it may seem easy, becoming a live streamer is no joke! While having skills and exciting content is a must, your success pivots significantly on the quality of content you produce. The quality of the video relies solely on the equipment. So, we took the time to list the essential equipment you need to begin your live streaming career.

Video Cameras
Livestreaming is almost impossible without a decent camera. While you can use your phone or laptop webcam if you are staring up, it is ineffective. But that is not enough if you are going for a professional finish and a better shot at being a successful live streamer. You should invest in a mid-range webcam or a professional-grade DSLR. We recommend the Elgato Gaming Webcam for a dependable webcam setup.

A live stream’s audio might be even more important than a live streamer’s video! The comments and expressions of streamers are integral to the stream. They add insight and make the experience interesting for the viewers. So, include a decent mic while you are at it; try the Shure MV7.

A Lighting System
Lighting is essential to videomaking, even if it is just a live stream. This is one of the most overlooked parts of streaming setups, but it is crucial if you want to provide your viewers with top-tier content. The Logitech Litra Glow is one of the best lights you can get, especially made for streamers!

A good audio input while live streaming is essential for a compelling stream. Often you can be watching videos or playing games. At the same time, notifications and subscribers can chime in. A good headphone system allows you to discern the different sounds you may hear during the stream. The HyperX Cloud Stinger would be a great option!

A Reliable Internet Connection
This is by far the most important aspect! Your whole live streaming career will pivot around your internet connection. Your live stream will take a critical toll as soon as your internet connection is interrupted. Make sure you have a reliable provider with a good package. Upload speed is crucial for live streams, so invest in a good connection!

Adding good equipment adds consistency and professional style to your streams. Whether you do live story-telling sessions or gaming, you will surely benefit from better and more consistent audio and video quality. Which of the items above do you think is most essential for an excellent live streaming setup? Let us know in the comments below.