5 Best Time and Finance Management Tools that will Sort your Life out

By Lea April 19, 2021 in Finance

Time waits for no one, and time is money! Whoever understands time and finance management can live a stress-free life. They can invest in their profession, give time to their families and to themselves. If you are struggling with time and finance management in your life, get your hands on the best technology gadgets to sort your life out!

What key features to look for :

Before investing in the right business management tool or software, it’s best to check out their key features. 

  • Is it flexible and effective enough for your small or medium scale business?
  • Does it provide you with security and reliability with information sharing?
  • Does it let you track your investment and cash flow?
  • Will it support you to expand your business on a large scale?
  • Is the application cloud-based or on-premise?

These are some of the few things to ponder before investing in a finance management tool

Time and Management Tools:

  1. Xero – to simplify your everyday accounting tasks

The cheap, effective and flexible tool for account management complementing a small-scale business is Xero. This tool not only manages your budget but also tracks your orders, and manages online and offline inventory. It manages your contacts and combines banks with credit card statements. This tool is a must-have for beginners as it is quite easy to use. Its price is as minimal as 20$/month with other conditional purchases.

  1. Mint – real-time tracking and helpful suggestions

Mint is gaining popularity due to its valuable and insightful properties. One of the bonus points is that it is free to use. You can access it on Android, iPhone and even your desktop. Mint alerts you actively on due dates and bank payments. You can keep a clear track of your balance, and it  provides you with suggestions to invest in better options.

  1. Zoho – granular user interface

Zoho is a detail-oriented time and finance management tool. It is more on the expensive side but definitely worth every penny. You can find out yourself by accessing a free trial. With Zoho, you can customise minimal properties. It provides you end to end integration into your accounting and expense management.

  1. Live Plan – a financial dashboard

It is a financial dashboard that opens a window into your business’s financial health. It will keep track of your financial well-being by measuring key performance indicators. It is helpful t for amateur business owners to survive and thrive in the industry. The standard plan costs 15$ per month.

  1. Kissflow – efficient financial management

Kissflow constitutes pre-coded apps to smoothen your financial workflow. You can customize these apps according to your needs. The app takes care of all repetitive tasks like purchasing orders, creating invoices and reimbursements.

Have you been having troubles maintaining your time and finances? Do you think online tools are an excellent way to avoid these troubles? Let us know if you have prior experience using these tools in the comments below!