5 Best Aftermarket Phone Chargers Money Can Buy

By Lea December 14, 2021 in Electronics

Have you ever felt the chill when you wake up in the morning and see that your phone battery is dead? You check if you forgot to turn on the charger or plug in your phone, but you did not. This was all the result of a charger that could not do its job correctly. Almost everyone has felt the disappointment and hopelessness of an inefficient charger at one point in their lives.

So we decided to be the bearer of good news for you! You no longer have to worry about waking up to a drained battery or waiting too long for your phone to get juiced up. You can be up and going in a little over an hour! Check out these great USB chargers that we have hand-picked for you!

Anker PowerPort III Nano
Everyone loves the cute and tiny design of the iconic apple chargers they once included in their phone boxes. If you are looking for something similar that can charge your phone rapidly, the Anker PowerPort 3 is what you need! Only, it gives four times the power!

Anker <b>511</b> Charger (Nano)

RAVPower Dual Port Compact Charger
This features two USB ports to charge your phone, and in total, it gives out ten more watts of power than the Anker Nano. It can charge a phone at 18 watts with the type-C port and 12 watts through the type-A port. You would be all set in a little less than one and a half hours!

Spigen PowerArc 40W ArcStation Pro
If you have multiple devices and want to charge them at the fastest speeds possible, then the Spigen PowerArc is going to be your next best friend! It comes with two type-C ports, and when you use only one port, it can charge at 30W. If you charge two devices at once, you can charge them both at 20W!

Anker PowerPort 4
If you are the type of person with a lot of chargeable devices, then you know that having a separate charger for each of them can be a lot of hassle. The Anker PowerPort 4 would be a game-changer for you! It has 4 USB type-A ports, all of which charge at 12W!

Anker 40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger PowerPort 4, Multi-Port USB Charger with Foldable Plug for iPhone SE / 6s / 6 / 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 / Pro, Samsung Galaxy S7 / S6, Note 5, LG G5 and More

Nimble Wally Mini Charger
This is a great charger if you want to conserve the environment, fast charging, or charge multiple devices at once! It is made using recycled plastic and can charge your phone at 20W. But if you charge two devices at once, the charging speed does drop significantly.

The feeling of knowing that your phone will be charged in no time is something everyone deserves! Did you know that aftermarket chargers can turn out better than the ones that come with your phone? Tell us in the comments below!