5 Amazing Taxi Booking Apps Other than Uber

By Lea November 10, 2021 in Coupons

Just a few years ago, the cab hauling process was an absolute pain. You had to stop a cab manually on the street, and there was no way to know whom you were riding with. But with cab booking applications, the whole experience is sublime now! More than 36% of the adults in the U.S use some form of a ride hauling service.

In this fast-paced and stress-driven society, the need for such convenience is necessary. But even in these super-convenient applications, you can run into troubles—a non-cooperative rider here and a sub-standard ride there. But many of us do not know that there are many more taxi apps other than Uber! So check out these outstanding services:

Lyft Taxi App
This was founded back in 2012 and is considered the second-largest ride hauling app. It has a 4.9-star review on Google play store and operates in around 640 cities across the United States. It has the best carpooling services in all the taxi booking apps.

Gett Taxi App
Founded back in 2010, this app has some of the most affordable ride rates that you can find in these services. While it does not have carpooling options yet, it is soon to launch those in New York. A unique feature of Gett is that you can schedule rides up to two weeks before you have to go.

Easy Taxi App
Unlike most ride-sharing apps, this application rewards riders with a good reputation for more rides. So when you book a ride, you will get a driver with the best reputation in your area. The GPS algorithm is one of the most accurate ones in the world.

Via Taxi App
Unlike other taxi apps that drop you strictly at your location, Via taxi drops you off close to it. This may sound like it is inconvenient, but the business model of Via Taxi stood out in the toughest of competition. It is wholly designed for carpooling and is one of the most affordable taxis services ever made.

Wingz Taxi App
Originally Wingz was known as Tickengo. It was made back in 2011 in California. It is undoubtedly one of the unique taxi apps. It provides safety and privacy to another level. You can book your ride up to two years in advance. The company also provides its clients a $1 million insurance focused on safety.

With all the options available, you might get confused about which one to choose. For that, here is a small tip; compare costs across different apps and choose the cheapest one! You have the options, after all! Tell us in the comments below; did you like the taxi booking apps in this article?